The Good Italian Pasta

“It’s ready to eat!”

… with this view, launched by our mothers in a loud voice, the family, once gathered, and so began the ritual of lunch and dinner.

The kitchen, but above all the table, was the place, space, where the family met to eat, to communicate, to celebrate and also to play, but always together. The kitchen is part of the culture of a country and, in Italy, the value of tradition is felt above all at the table, where the main cuisine is Mediterranean cuisine, and the main ingredient being the dough.

It is for these reasons that, in choosing a name for a line of dried pasta, traditional workmanship and authenticity of the product, but innovative in cooking times, we thought of a name that could combine tradition with innovation, a name that would communicate the warmth of family conviviality and remember all those moments of serenity, cheerfulness,  and even the  taste of the first bite.

Rituals and emotions that can still be revived, thanks to a traditional product such as pasta, which has been renewed to meet the new rhythms of modern life, suggesting the return of the convivial table.

So… “Time to eat!” enjoy good Italian pasta.

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